How to change AMS Net Id

The AMS Net ID is the address of the local computer in the TwinCAT network. The AMS Net ID consists of 6 bytes and is represented in a dot notation. The “Net IDs” must be assigned by the project planner and must not be repeated in the TwinCAT network. By default, the installation generates an AMS NetID from the IP address of the system (if available) + “1.1”. If no IP address can be determined during the installation, the AMS NetID “” is created.

TwinCAT system generates AMS NetID which is difficult to remember. So we can build it by adding “.1.1” to the IP address.

For example, if the IP address is  then AMS net ID would be

We need to change the AMS net ID in the PLC side as well. 

Click on the bottom right corner TwinCAT Icon | Router | Change AMS Net ID

A dialog will be visible, add the AMS net ID (IP address + .1.1)

We shall add a video tutorial for this so please visit us again