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This site provides free resources for automation systems and software design purposes. There will be many helpful technical articles (as a tutorial) for automation system design. If we go through this site, we shall have a complete understanding of how to build an automation system (including reporting) as shown in the right-hand side. If you have a problem compiling code, please read the Nuget section in the HMI tutorial.

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SCADA Software

We shall develop a simple SCADA/HMI software by using the Beckhoff framework from scratch. We should be able to control the hardware which can be located anywhere. Our SCADA software will be HTML5 based so it will work on desktops, tablets, and mobile phones. A command can be generated from the SCADA system for example to start a motor. We shall build a reporting system to indicate how our system performs. Read more..

Computer network and firewall

There are plenty of articles that you need to know to build a network system. Hemelix provides plenty of computer network articles starting from level 0. 

We shall use a firewall to protect our data on the internet. A firewall typically establishes a barrier between a trusted internal network and an untrusted external network, such as the Internet. Read more ..

SQL Database

We shall use a MSSQL, SQLite and PostgreSQL database to store our data on a remote server. We shall run the actual software on a local computer.  Different kinds of reports can be generated based on the user data in the system. The data or the report can be accessed from a desktop, tablet, or mobile phone. Read more…

OPC-UA Server and client

We shall demonstrate how to develop the OPC-UA server from scratch. We shall use the OPC-UA server to control the actual device. We shall use a unified automation OPC-UA server and Matrikon OPC-UA. Again this will be an end-to-end development and the code will be available for

download. Read more..

Raspberry pi option 1

Raspberry Pi will be used where we shall run our OPC-UA  and Modbus server. The input and output will control the actual devices. The control will happen over the internet. For example, if we want to open the main gate of the house then from HTML5-based SCADA will put an output active in the Raspberry Pi. This is marked as option 1 in the picture. Read more …

plc controls the hardwares option 2

We shall use a PLC (Beckhoff) to control the devices in this option. All the different instruments are attached to the PLC via the input-output card. As time passes, we shall build a complete  PLC program in Structured Text which can be used for those four hardware. Read more..

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