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What is OPC UA Gate way

How it is used (in our example home automation and in industries)


What is OPC UA Gate way

OPC UA Gateway is used to convert old COM/DCOM related Server to be used  in gateway. When the old servers has been added to the gateway then a client such as OPC UA client can access it uniform way.

=> Download the UA Gateway from 

=> If you have already UAGateway specially from OEM manufacturer such as Beckhoff then we need to uninstall it.

=> Start the gateway

=> Click on the right hand side corner of your desktop and  select the gate way application and then select configure UA Gateway.

=> Use name instead of uri (it will create duplicate error)

The starting page will appear like the following:

One of the major advantages of UA Gateway is that  if our servers are fragile to internet connection then we can use the deligate task to gateway to handle connections. We can get the variables information from the gateway, we don’t need to handle all the connections by ourselves.

=> Click on the device view and then OPC UA Servers

=> This will open a dialog where we can add the address and port of the OPC UA Server

=> Remember to select Namespace Prefix  as name instead of  Server Uri