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Android Multipurpose Compass

Multipurpose Compass for Android Phone and Tablet.

This Android software can be used by Android based phones and Tablets. There several views in this application.

First view:
This is the default view, it shows conventional magnetic compass that shows the north direction by a rotating compass. This also shows the angular deviation from the north axis ( a line from bottom to top of the phone) in text format as hown in the following figure. If you swap to left anywhere in the screen you can go to next view. If you press on the icon at the bottom then you will go the view also.

Second view:
This view receives the GPS signal of the phone and calculates direction and speed (If you change location) compared to previous location. If you don't move then the speed and the direction will be shown as 0. The speed is shown in meter per second. While you are in GPS view, if you double tap on the screen then GPS measurement will show additional useful properties. Those are, distance travelled in meter and Time elapsed in minute. After double tap if you move then it will start measuring from current location to new location. If you move then new location direction will be shown by rotating the dial and also in digital format. If you want to stop the measurement then you can do another double tap. At this point the screen will not be updated anymore. The same effect can be achieved by long press on the GPS icon at the bottom. This mode is called absolute mode, meaning it measures from a certain location (where we did the double tap). The default mode (incremental mode) can be activated by pressing on the GPS icon.

Absolute mode

Third view:
Third view shows you where you are at this moment in a map. This will draw a marker at this location. It will shows you also the address of this location. There is zoom in and out button that can be used to resize the map. We can activate this view by swaping to left or pressing on the location icon at the bottom.

Fourth view :
You can come to this view by swapping to left or pressing on the message icon at the bottom. It will show you current address and location in a text. You can copy paste any phone number where you want to send the address. Can be very useful if you want to tell where you are at the moment without finding road name, number etc.

Fifth view:
This is info about this application. You can find complete source code and design about this application from this location

Complete source code about the multipurpose Android compass will be available at