Generic Software development

Whatever the automation system is, it is mostly based on electrical, electronic, and mechanical systems. We need a switch on to run the motor. The switch can be an electronic switch that can be put ON by executing software. Software is the brain of the system. We need to have good knowledge of developing an automation system. We shall explain or review the most important software system on these pages.

C# is one of the most supported programming languages supported by Microsoft. In these pages, we shall describe some selective and necessary topics such as threads, events, etc. For a detailed tutorial, there are plenty of web pages on the internet. Continue learning selected C# topics.

For web development, Visual Studio Code is a very important tool. We need this tool to test JavaScript, Node JS, Postgres database, etc. We configure and install the necessary tools for Visual Studio Code. Continue with this page.

HTTP, TCP/IP in Windows

Computer networking software with WebRequest in C#. This is a sample application by which we can do HTTP/HTTPS GET and POST requests. This is a windows client sample. It shows how to send JSON data to the remote host and how to receive data from the remote host. Continue with the sample.

We need to model our system so that we can read and write data to the system or we can update the system based on the event. First, we need to find relations among different entities in the system. We shall use the fluent-NHibernate module. If we use this module then we don’t need to write all the SQL command by ourselves. We shall provide 3 examples that will help us to understand the data modeling. Continue reading.

C# app to/from PLC

We need to transfer data from PLC to PC and vice versa. How can we do that? C#  in a great way to make a bidirectional program that can read data from PLC and display it to PC. In this section, we provide a sample application that can be in a custom case. Continue reading the complete sample.

Whenever we develop software, it can’t be bug-free. We need to debug the code.  TwinCAT HMI framework supports built in debugging when we develop the extension module, this page will describe how to use SQLite while we develop an extension, continue reading.

Debugging can be a hard and time-consuming process, especially if we are developing in a multithreaded environment. To understand the execution process we need to capture the log, log4net is a convenient way to capture logs. This tutorial will describe how to use it, continue reading.

 For embedded software development Linux is widely accepted  operating system, it is good to learn Linux OS. Continue reading.