TF6420 | TwinCAT 3 Database Server

The TwinCAT Database Server enables data exchange between the TwinCAT system and various database systems. For small applications it can be used via a configurator, without intervention in the existing program code. For complex tasks the Database Server offers a large library of PLC function blocks for maximum flexibility. SQL commands such as Insert or Select can be used directly from the PLC, for example. To take load off the PLC, if required, procedures can be stored (Stored Procedures) and then called up from the databases. In this case the parameters transferred by the corresponding PLC function block are used by the database in conjunction with the Stored Procedure, and results can be returned to the controller.

=> Install TF6420 module by downloading from the Beckhoff site.

=> Check the SQL Server name (Execute the following statement  in Management Studio, it will give you the server name)


=>Open a VS project in Visual studio, open the Server project as shown in the following image.


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Download the sample from the link given above.

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