How to update CE device and the PLC program for Panel PC

We shall describe how can we update the panel pc. There are MicroSD card at the behind of the  PC. We take out the  card and copy the new content there. (It is better to format the card to remove all the content)

=> Bring out the MicroSD card and copy the content

Figure 1: Backside of the panel PC, after opening the cover plate MicroSD card (where we insert the program) is visible

=> Power down the Panel PC

=> Get a copy of CX9020_CB3011_WEC7_HPS_v608p_TC31_B4024.XX from Beckhoff and unzip it

=> Bring out the MicroSD card and copy the following content to the card (you have to get the content from Beckhoff)

=> Copy the following content to the empty card and insert to the slot as it was.

Figure 2: Content of the package when unzipped (these should be copied to the memory card)

=> Update the IP address and AMS net id  as needed.

=> Ping the device from laptop (Check the ethernet cable if it is connected to right port)

=> Connect a cable to the Panel PC from your laptop and load the program that you want to update

=> Reboot the panel and set the static IP address (Start | Control Panel | Network and Dial-up Connections | FEC1)

Figure 3: Set  the IP address, subnet mask and the default gateway

=> Set the AMS net id of the panel (Start | Control Panel | CX Configuration

Figure 4: Set the AMS net id (good to set IP address + 1.1) for easy remembering.

=> Run the cerdisp.exe utility (Start |  Run)

=>Type cerdisp.exe and press OK, CeRdisp.exe starts the CE RemoteDisplay Server (accessible from the host PC via CeRHost.exe)

=>If the panel and your host PC are in same network, we should be able to connect the panel by using CeRHost.exe

=>Now we should be able to access the config page by the following address from the host PC

=>Type https://xx.xx.xx.xx/config/ in the address bar of chrome (xx.xx.xx.xx is the IP address)

Figure 5: Set Enable remote desktop, we should be able to connect

=> Now the panel PC is up to date.

Now we describe how to convert an old program to make it work with the updated program, follow the images below.

=>Open the PLC project in question and bring the project, check each property marked in red square, done!

Figure 6: You can mark as released to prevent accidental changes

The visualization profile comes with the engineering environment. Each engineering environment might have a specific visualization profile.

=> Select project and properties

=> Now update all the necessary properties

Figure 7: You can change the visualization profile (you get this option by selecting project and properties)

Figure 8: You can define compiler-specific definition to include or exclude something during compilation times.


=> HMI Live view can’t display the embedded desktop view, you can load the HMI in browser and then you can see it

=> If you publish the HMI to remote server you can see the embedded desktop, to display you need to use the  the IFrame component from Beckhoff.

=>CerHost can be downloaded for displaying remote desktop as well from the site (at the bottom of the page)


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Download the sample from the link given above.

Next, let’s try to understand persistent data

Ask questions related to Hemelix sample code and design at Google group