We have generated data and stored it in SQL. Now we need to do an analysis and generate a report based on this data. We shall describe how to do this.

We have done the following in different chapters of this website.

https://www.hemelix.com/plc/structured-text-programming/ (Programming in Structured Text)

https://www.hemelix.com/scada-hmi/twincat-hmi/animation-in-twincat-hmi/ (Animation of image)

https://www.hemelix.com/scada-hmi/twincat-hmi/data-grid-view/ (How to display data from HMI to SQL and vice versa) 

https://www.hemelix.com/automation/raspberry-pi/ (How to program in Raspberry Pi)

https://www.hemelix.com/sql/  (How to work with HMI and database)

https://www.hemelix.com/plc/structured-text-mqtt/ (What is MQTT and how to use it)

https://www.hemelix.com/automation/structured-text-mqtt-node-red-mssql/ (What is Node-RED and saving data to SQL)

On this page, we shall use all this knowledge to generate a report.

Still updating, follow us!

We shall use a DC motor and it will be run by PLC by using Modbus. The motor can be started or stopped manually. The motor can reach maximum speed for a certain time and it can change the speed during operation. It will record the maximum speed and how long it was running at that speed. All information can be included in a report which can be sent to our client by email.


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