How do I remove my program which has been corrupted?


In windows 9000 series, our program can be corrupted sometimes (may be program fault) and we can’t connect to the device  by using visual studio.

If we use CeRHost to connect, we can connect but we find that the TwinCAT run mode is partially green.


=> Press on Start then Run  and in the Open edit box type Explorer and browse to  \Hard Disk\TwinCAT\3.1\Boot\PLC

=> Remove all contents and restart the PLC

=> Now we should be able to connect from Visual Studio with our program and we see that TwinCAT is in run mode if we run our program

How do I add new I/O cards


We have a program with variables linked. Now we can add new  I/O cards before existing configured cards or after the existing configured cards. How to we keep the old linked variables?


We shall consider 3 scenarios.

Inserting a new card after the original cards

Inserting a new card in the middle of existing cards

Inserting a new card before the original cards

A. Inserting a new card after the original cards

In this scenario, we have an I/O card already configured (variables are linked). We add  a new card after the cards. When we add new card then the configuration should be updated in visual studio. At the same time, we need to keep the existing variables in linking state. We have only one card inserted Term 7 (EL6001) a serial data reader.

Now we shall add couple of cards after the existing cards and show how to keep the card 6001 (variable linked). We add 2 cards (EL4024 and EL3052) and scan again (The PLC should be in config mode).

As we can see in the left box, scanning has found 2 new cards after EL6001. We can check Extended information marked to get more information. 

Don’t  use  >> Copy All >> from left to right. This will remove the existing links

Select individual card and use >Copy Before> or >Copy After> to match the configured items

When we have matched information we can press OK to accept the changes. 

In this way, we can reuse the existing linked variables which we have done earlier time.

B. Inserting a new card in the middle of existing cards

We have EL6001 and EL3052 cards in the current configuration. Now we shall add a new card in the middle of existing cards and show how to configure it. These 2 cards have linked variables. 

We get the following dialog when we scan the bus again. New I/O card EL4024 is high lighted. Again >>Copy All>>  will copy only the items (not the linked variables), so we shall loose it and that we don’t want.

Best option should be to use select EL3052  and >Copy Before>  and then press OK

C. Inserting a new card before the original cards

In this configuration, we have an existing configuration and we add a new card in the first place. The original configuration is shown in the following image. We have configured EL6001 and EL4024 I/O cards.

Now we have added EL3052 card in the first place  and scanned the bus. We got the following configuration dialog.

Now we select EL6001 from right side box  and select  >Copy Before>>  and get the identical settings  and press OK

This section will describe how to configure OPC UA Server or GateWay in TwinCAT HMI

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