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Developing OPC UA Client and Server

OPC is a Client/Server based communication which means that we have one or more servers that waits for several Clients to make requests. Once the server gets a request it answers to that and then goes back into wait state. Server can generates events in which OPC-UA client is interested in. Classical OPC is similar to OPC-UA but it was built using Microsoft COM/DCOM technology. OPC-UA has removed the Microsoft dependency. OPC UA can be implemented in Linux, Microsoft and in Mac.

Both OPC client and server can be written in varieties of programming language including C#, C++, C and structured text.

In this section:
How to model real system for OPC UA Server
Integrate OPC UA interface code to build a server
Check the OPC UA server with OPC UA Expert
OPC UA C# Client
OPC UA client in Structure Text