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First TwinCAT HMI

In this section, we assumed that you have installed Visual Studio, TwinCAT software in your PC.
We shall make a sample HMI that will display pressure and temperature from the sensor. This application will data from PLC.

The final screenshot of the HMI is like this.

If you like to go through the sample, you can download it and run the sample in your computer. If you feel comfortable you could go through the step by step instruction as follows. You could check this as a video tutorial in YouTube as well.

-Make sure compatible version of HMI server is running in the server. For example, you are developing with a version lower than the version running in the server then publishing will fail. In that case, you need to update your server. Only TF2000-HMI-Server.exe should be run as an administrator.
-For linear gauge orientation, press on the appearance properties and select vertical or horizontal. Padding defines the position of scale.

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