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About us

Welcome to Hemelix!

Hemelix web site was started when I started to teach Symbian OS to Metropolia University in March 2006. Almost at the same time, I switched job inside NOKIA (from R&D to Forum NOKIA). I created first Tic-Tac-Toe over Bluetooth in Symbian and shared it to NOKIA share and play service (share and play was like Google play, my first ever shared mobile app). Download per day and comments from users encouraged me further to develop other applications. I shared around 20 applications and games to NOKIA OVI store. This was also encouraged by Forum NOKIA management team. So this site was born as a support site for those applications.
Now, this site is mainly own personal documentation (publicly available) with the hope that some other developers can be benefited from it.

This site is updated and maintained when there is free time basis by Dr. Mahbub Rahman.

If you have any issues related to hemelix please contact us by dropping a mail at info at hemelix dot com.

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